Stephen Jackson fined $50,000 for verbal abuse of an official


The NBA announced it has fined Stephen Jackson $50,000 for verbal abuse of game officials during the Bobcats loss to the Pistons Friday night.

And now, a short selection of what we believe Jackson said, the same vein of Kevin Garnett’s explanation of what he said to Charlie Villanueva, inspired by Twitter:

“Mr. Official, are you and your mother close?”

“Excuse me, but I’m not certain if that call was necessarily accurate.”

“I am curious as to your roots in the greater Detroit metropolitan area. ”

“I wish to inform you that steadfastly protest your chosen decision on that particular play.”

Okay, so more accurately, we’re looking at:

“You (expletive) (expletive), I’ll (expletive) you and your (expletive) (redacted)  if you ever make that (expletive) (expletive) again. do you understand me? I will (expletive ) (redacted), (expletive).”

Ah, another day in the NBA.