Cuttino Mobley wants back in the act

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When Cuttino Mobley was traded to the Knicks two years ago, a heart irregularity was discovered to have worsened in his physical, forcing doctors to tell him he’d never play again. Now, Mobley is out to show that isn’t the case after two years away from the game.

Yahoo! Sports reports that Mobley is trying to get back in the league, confident that his heart will pass the necessary physicals. He worked out for the Celtics in preseason, and the Mavericks and Bulls have shown interest, according to Yahoo!. But perhaps the most interesting facet of this entire situation is how Mobley describes the doctor visit the Knicks set up which ended his career to begin with. From Yahoo!:

“It kind of shocked me. Instead of months to really think about it, I had a day or two. [The Knicks] said, ‘No you can’t play,’ and they literally took me up to Boston and the Boston doctor said, ‘No, he can’t play.’ I’m like, ‘Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Listen man, it’s OK.’ He said, ‘No, I’ve seen this.’ He was so adamant about this.

So, wait, hold on. The Knicks’ staff did a quick physical on him, then a specialist in Boston who was adamant denied him, and that was it? No second opinion? No further consultation? Just gone? After everything that’s gone on with the Knicks lately, you have to wonder if this doesn’t sound a little off.

A 6-4 shooting guard with a career 38% three-point percentage? Why isn’t Miami knocking down this guy’s door?