Suns, it’s time to bench Turkoglu and start Warrick


Look at the comparison of two power forwards playing almost the exact same minutes per game:

Player A is scoring 12.3 points per game, hitting 57.1 percent of his shots and getting to the line five times a game, pulling down 5.5 boards and has a PER of 21.7.

Player B is scoring 8.5 points per game, hitting 37.9 percent of his shots and getting to the line 1.5 times per game, pulling down 3 rebounds and has a PER of 11.7.

Right now in Phoenix, Player B — better known as Hedo Turkoglu — is starting while Player A — Hakim Warrick — is coming off the bench.

According to Paul Coro at the Arizona Republic, the Suns are considering having Warrick start and bringing Turkoglu off the bench.

They need to make this switch, for a number of reasons.

For one, Warrick is the best guy the Suns have setting the high pick for Nash right now. Hedo just does not roll, he lazily pops out and can be defended. Robin Lopez should be better at it but he can’t seem to catch the pass. Warrick is good at it, and Nash needs a good guy setting the picks.

What’s more, you can give Turkoglu some time with the ball in his hands as the ball handler on the pick-and-roll if Nash is out. Sure, that means a few less touches for Goran Dragic — who is playing very well — but you need to get Turkoglu going and he is better with the ball in his hands.

Finally, Warrick is a better defender than Turkoglu.

Bottom line, this change needs to happen. Not sure if and when it will, but the Suns need to make this change soon. They need a spark to get out of their 1-3 rut, and this could be it.