Coach calls 0-4 Pistons out. Prince says “right back at ya.”


Unfortunately for the Pistons, the new season has picked up right where the old one left off — lots of injuries and losses.

And now, the infighting.

After the Pistons were manhandled by the Boston Celtics Wednesday, coach John Kuester called out his players for a lack of leadership, as reported by the Detroit Free Press.

After saying no one is going to have sympathy for the injury-depleted Pistons, he said: “We have to collectively someway or somehow find another voice besides my own that is going to lead us.”

Tayshaun Prince said he was right… sort of. But if Kuester wants change he needs to heed Michael Jackson’s advice and start with the man in the mirror.

“… He’s right, but at the same time it goes both ways,” Prince said. “We can sit here and continue to get on each other and be vocal, but like I said, the right thing has got to come from him as well as us.

“It goes both ways. He says we got to be more vocal, he has to do some things better, too. Obviously, we’re 0-4 so it ain’t just the team.”

Ben Gordon questioned the coach adjustments the Pistons made on a hot Derrick Rose when the Bulls stormed back from 21 down to beat the Pistons just a few days ago.

Four games in and the finger-pointing has started in Detroit. Not good, not good at all. This has the potential to get really ugly really fast.