Timberwolves go on option spree, pick up Love, Beasley and more


One thing we can agree on is that the Minnesota Timberwolves have amassed some talent. How good that talent really is, how it all fits together and how it is being used may be the more pertinent questions, but there is talent on the Minnesota roster.

So it was only logical that the Timberwolves picked up the rookie-contract option years on a number of players, as the team announced today.

Kevin Love, Michael Beasley and Kosta Koufos all had their fourth year options picked up. Guards Wayne Ellington and Jonny Flynn had their third year options picked up.

Really, this was a no brainer. The brains come in finding the big star this team needs and finding a way to balance out these existing players in a system that fits them. We can debate if the current brain trust in Minnesota can pull that off.