Knicks sell out season ticket inventory, revenue up by $21 million


Stories that the NBA Players Association clipped and saved this morning include…

The New York Knicks have sold out their allotment of season tickets this season, increasing revenue for the team by about $21 million , according to the Sports Business Journal.

When the NBA season began last week, the Knicks had sold more than 4,000 new full-season tickets and had a season-ticket renewal rate of 92 percent, team officials said. With an average full-season-ticket price of $131 a game, unchanged from last year, the team has increased season-ticket revenue by about $21.5 million. The team is also beginning a season-ticket waiting list, which vanished after years of futility on the court.

The Knicks refused to disclose their total number of full-season tickets sold, but last summer the team had about 10,000 full-season tickets, so with a renewal rate of more than 92 percent and the 4,000 new fulls, the Knicks have about 13,000 full-season tickets in the 19,763-seat Garden.

Some people signed up for tickets during the LeBron James saga, but plenty also signed up after the Knicks inked Amar’e Stoudemire. Put simply — hope sells, and there is hope again for the Knicks.

The Knicks are in the top five in the league in season ticket sales and revenue from them.