Rockets looking to trade Jermaine Taylor, or he’ll get waived


Erick Dampier is in for Houston. That means Jermaine Taylor is out.

If you want him, he can be yours. The Rockets are shopping Taylor around before just cutting him outright, according to Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld.

It makes some sense for Houston, there was interest from several teams in signing off waivers so why not see if you can get something for him. Probably a second round pick, but that is better than nothing. Washington, Miami and the Magic are reportedly interested, although Miami already has a full roster so take the report with plenty of salt. But the fact there might b real interest makes sense.

It is possible teams would rather risk getting him off waivers for nothing, so we’ll see if the Rockets can find a deal out there.

Taylor, a guard out of Central Florida, played 31 games and was respectable for the Rockets last season. He is one of the army of guys to get to the NBA out of the D-League.