Utah ownership loves Jerry Sloan. As if you didn’t already know that.

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Not that it was really ever in question, but there are no plans to bring in a younger coach with better hair and a different system to the Utah Jazz.

Owner Greg Miller gave about as ringing an endorsement of 68-year-old Sloan as he could to the Salt Lake Tribune before the Jazz went out and stunk up the joint in their home opener Thursday.

“I’m in zero hurry to push Jerry out,” said Miller, prior to tipoff of the Jazz’s 2010-11 home opener versus Phoenix. “It’s because he’s still producing. He’s still working as hard today as he was the day we hired him, if not harder…”

“I think he’ll probably die with a shovel in his hand or on a tractor,” Miller said. “And I think if Jerry felt that he was losing a step, he would come to us before we’d notice it.

“So, for the time being, I just consider myself extremely blessed. And I speak for the whole family, for the whole organization, when I say that I consider myself blessed that Jerry Sloan is our coach, and I’m very proud of the fact that he’s been with us as long as he has.”

Sloan may have to work harder than ever to get this group of players to jell and run the offense, at least based on a first game performance. But he’s not going anywhere. Not that anybody thought he was.