Phil Jackson sums up Lakers championship ring: They are “unwearable” and “terrific”

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Nobody knows more about NBA championship rings than Phil Jackson. He’s got 11 of them, he even designed one (the last title of the Shaq/Kobe three-peat).

And he’s not a huge fan. Except when he is.

“They’re unwearable. And I always think they’re something that should be able to be worn.

“But seeing as Dr. Buss designed this one I think it’s terrific.”

Unwearable. Terrific. There are a lot of words one could use to describe the ring itself. Gaudy would work — two replicas of the Larry O’Brien trophy made of 16 Kt gold, and 16 oversized diamonds. Each players face is engraved on the ring with a 3D technology.

The coolest touch — every ring has a piece of a Game 7 used ball in it. Visible only when the ring is off, but you can see it.

That is sweet. Not that it makes the ring wearable. But no Laker is going to trade it… well, except for Artest.