Where you should hang out if you think the Heat will lose tonight

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Whiskey Tango All-American Bar & Grill may serve my favorite drink tonight.


That is, if you think the Celtics can beat the Heat tonight. See Whisky Tango in Hollywood, Fla., is paying for your bar tab every time the Heat lose (via FanHouse). From the Web site of the tavern.

“When you come to watch a Heat game, sign in with your server a half an hour before tip off. You have to stay for the whole game. If the Heat lose (which we doubt!), we will pay your tab, up to $25.00 per person, individual tabs only. This promotion is for regular season, not preseason.”

So you have to register with the waitress 30 minutes before the game and sit in a bar for two-and-a-half hours? If you’re drinking domestic, $25 can get you a ways. If you’re drinking something good, well, $25 off the bill beats paying the whole thing.

If the Heat lose. Which is not going to be that often. They aren’t going to win 72, but they are a team well built for the regular season, they are going to win a lot of games. The bar is not going to lose a lot of money. But we’re very supportive of the people that try to make them pay.