Someone wants to stay in Denver: George Karl would like an extension

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George Karl doesn’t care that Carmelo Anthony’s extension sits unsigned, he wants to stay in Denver.

He told FanHouse he wants a multi-year deal.

“I don’t like being a businessman,” Karl said in an interview Monday with FanHouse. “But, if that’s what I have to be, I will be.”

“I’m going to live in Denver probably the rest of my life,” said Karl, 59. “So I think that answer (about wanting to re-sign) is yes. But it’s got to be a respectful offer.”

Karl returns to the sidelines Wednesday night after missing the end of last season battling cancer. He will make $4.5 million this year and does not want just a one-year extension, he wants a multi-year deal to stay with the team has coached since 2005.

The question is what direction the Heat will want to go. They have a new owner coming in soon — Josh Kroenke, son of current owner Stan Kroenke (who has to sell the team after buying an NFL franchise) — who likes to be hands on with decisions. There is a new general manager in Masai Ujiri. What direction they want to take the team, and who they want to coach it, are questions yet to be answered.

Karl may or may not be a part of that. The two sides have yet to talk about it, Karl said it is not something he is worried about yet, it only came up when reporters asked.

But Denver would be hard pressed to find a better coach anywhere. Let alone one as committed to the franchise and city.