NBA cracks down on another serious issue: Upside down headbands

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I’m glad the NBA League Offices took the summer to focus on the important things around the NBA.

Such as a new addition to the league dress code for players that bans the wearing of headbands upside down. Because that was a big problem. But it is part of the new league rules according to ESPNBoston’s Chris Forsberg on twitter.

A lot of NBA players wear headbands, but the Celtics Rajon Rondo may be the most famous practitioner of the upside down logo. He is not alone, a number of NBA players do it. Why? Maybe a little way to stick it to the man, since they have to wear NBA-issued headbands. Maybe just to be different.

But once it becomes a superstitious thing with players they will not stop it. Rondo may go sans headband instead

So the NBA has cracked down on this horrendous violation. That and all those times players punched the air, which was a growing issue so we needed to give them technicals.

Stepford players, we’ll get them somehow.

Thank Buddha the games are back so we can start to focus on something that matters. And so can the league office.