Dwyane Wade wants to drop “Flash” nickname. As if he gets to choose.


You do not get to choose your own nickname. It is given to you, it sticks or doesn’t, but there is an organic process to it.

Shaquille O’Neal gave Dwyane Wade the nickname “Flash” and it stuck. Now Wade wants to unstick it.

Wade said he no longer wants to go by Flash, according to a tweet from Ira Winderman.

It’s probably part of the “that’s the old me, this is the new me” thing with the Heat. And it is Shaq who gave him that nickname and the Heat will take on his Celtics in the season opener on Tuesday, Winderman notes.

Nice try, but Flash doesn’t get to decide what we call him.

You can end up with multiple nicknames, but you don’t get to pick and choose. (There is a myth going around that Sasha Vujacic gave himself “the machine” nickname. He didn’t, teammates did. As Kobe said, if he had given it to himself his teammates would never have allowed it.)

Besides, what’s wrong with “Flash?” Great nickname. Superhero. Fastst guy on the planet. It’s not like he’s been called “crash test dummy” for the way he goes crashing into he floor every time he attacks the rim.

Bottom line, you’re stuck with it, Flash.