Chris Kaman has a piggy bank ready in case of lockout


NBA players make a lot, I don’t know if you’ve heard. Millions, in fact. So when they say they’re saving, it’s not really all that notable. After all, they do get a per-diem, which continues to blow my mind. They make millions of dollars, but then they get a considerable amount of money just to eat and travel. I gotta work that in my next NBC contract.

But what is notable is why they’re saving money. Chris Kaman is a great example of such a player. From the LA Times:

“There’s a lot of negotiations that are going on, and I don’t really know how it’s going to end up,” the ClippersChris Kaman said Thursday. “They’re saying lockout. You just never know. You’ve just got to be ready and prepare yourself for that, moneywise.

“I’ve been saving a lot — looking out.”

On one hand, it’s good news because you don’t want anyone to suffer through being short on money. On the other, it’s frustrating because it’s not like Kaman’s going to be hurting to come up with rent money, and in the meantime, he’s basically preparing himself in case the fans get denied a 2011-2012 season. The fact that the lockout has become almost unavoidable at this point is depressing, and the situation gets more dire with every passing salvo.

But hey, at least Chris Kaman will be comfortable for it.