Ron Artest? There’s an app for that.

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Your iPhone has everything… but does it have Ron Artest?

It can now — he has his own app. Seriously. There is now a Ron Artest iPhone app that you can download, so Ron Ron is with you wherever you go, whenever you need him (via the LA Times and my man Mark Medina).

You can send messages to Artest, chat with other Artest fans who are at the game, and check out such sections as “Ron Artest’s Sports Psychology” and “Pop Topics with Ron.” All that for just .99¢.

We’re a little disappointed that there is no dodgeball section, but maybe in version 2.0.

There is no Android version yet. We checked.

And if you didn’t stay up late last night, check out the video of Ron Artest, in a fake beard, on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night. Why a fake beard? Download the app and send him the question, it’s not like we know.