Charles Oakley, celebrity chef? Sure, why not.

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Unfortunately, yesterday we all missed out on Charles Oakley’s “world famous turkey burgers,” which he was serving up in a food truck set up near Battery Park in Manhattan. The entire thing recorded by a film crew.

Why? Glad you asked. We’ll let the New York Post explain. (via Ben Maller)

Former Knicks star Charles Oakley is pitching a series with Media Meld Studios called “Oak in the Kitchen,” which would revolve around Oakley’s efforts to launch a food-truck business (he’s already made a fortune with a string of successful car washes).

First off, he made a fortune playing basketball, $45.6 million over his career.

Here’s the thing — Oakley loves to cook. He’s good at it, apparently. But this isn’t the first time he has put together a food show pitch. He’s just now moved it into the trendy world of food trucks. Whatever the form, Oakley’s desire to be the next Mario Batali lives on.

I’d watch. If for no other reason then to see how a 6’8” guy can work in a cramped food truck.