All those nagging Miami Heat injuries will disappear next Tuesday


Dwyane Wade has his sore hamstring. Mike Miller has a sprained ankle. LeBron James had his sore hamstring and may or may not still have a sore elbow. Mario Chalmers ankle is still acting up.

Next Tuesday it will be like the Heat visited Lourdes.

When the games matter the nagging injuries will vanish, as if by miracle. Well, more by will as when it comes to the NBA there are preseason injuries, regular season injuries and playoff injuries. With each step up the ladder you play through more pain.

For an example, here is what Heat coach Erik Spoelstra told FanHouse about Miller rolling his ankle twice in one game.

“Both times he tweaked it,” Spoelstra confirmed after Monday’s game. “It was the same ankle. He said he was ready to go in the second half but I said, ‘I’ve seen you roll it enough tonight but I’m not going to go for the triple play on that.’ But he should be OK. There were minor sprains and the second one it just kind of gave out on him when he went to close out.”

Similar to that, what most of the Heat players have now are nagging little preseason injuries. Things that you could play through if you had to, but as the preseason games don’t matter you rest them in hope that they go away completely.

Eddie House was more serious, but he is back and ready to take that step, he will be back in a preseason game next Thursday. He will be good to go Tuesday.

The only question about those preseason injuries is how much it held back the team bonding on the court the Heat needed. The “big three” have played just 3:17 together. There has been little run for all the key parts together. The Heat start out with Boston and Orlando up front — the two other contenders in the East — and those teams have years of experience together. The Magic have yet to lose in preseason. They come in more cohesive to start the season.

We’ll see if that even matters starting next week.