Troy Murphy is expected to practice with team by this weekend. When he plays… who knows?


If you’re a Nets fan who has watched the erratic Derrick Favors this preseason, you realize you need a healthy Troy Murphy. Favors needs to be brought a long slowly, throwing him to the wolves this season does not move the Nets toward the playoffs.

So on that front, good news from the Nets today. I guess. The statement is a little vague, but here it is via the Star Ledger:

New Jersey Nets forward Troy Murphy has made considerable progress following treatment for a low back strain/inflammation, but will not play in either of the Nets two preseason games this week against New York and Boston. Murphy is expected to resume practice with the team this weekend.

For those of you whose glass is half full, they are saying this is not a “disc problem” but just a strain, which would be good. Also, him coming back to practice means he could be ready to go in the opener Oct. 27.

For those of us quickly finishing off whatever is in the glass, there are still questions. Like, define “practice with the team.” Full on contact practices or just some of the conditioning drills and light shooting? Notice there is no time line in the statement, which is not exactly reassuring. He is getting a cortisone shot then will be re-evaluated. And missing more games, even preseason ones, not ideal.

But Troy Murphy is doing better. Whatever that means.