Sixers coach Doug Collins to miss game with concussion symptoms

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Plenty of talk about concussions in sports these days, particularly in Philadelphia. Although not really so much in the NBA. And not with coaches.

But we have our first in that department now — Philadelphia’s Doug Collins will not coach tonight’s Sixers preseason game as he stays home to rest concussion symptoms, a recurrence of an injury suffered back on Memorial Day (back in May). John Schuhmann of had this up on twitter, it was quickly confirmed by many others.

Michael Curry will coach the team against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Sixers have a Wednesday night game against the Knicks, it is unclear if Collins will coach in that game.

We could make the “DeSean Jackson got hit so hard Doug Collins got a concussion” joke here, but we’re above that. (Okay, we’re not, obviously.) But concussions are serious, and the fact that Collins is having symptoms nearly six months after the fact testifies to that.