Keith Bogans as starter in Chicago? It may well happen.


Everyone had just assumed that Ronnie Brewer would be the starting two guard in Chicago this season.

Then Brewer battled a hamstring injury while Keith Bogans has gone out, started all six games in the preseason and has knocked down 52.9 percent of his threes (9 of 17). Suddenly everyone is thinking Bogans may be the starter when the season opens against the Thunder next Wednesday, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“I don’t think Ronnie’s comfortable yet with the defense or offense,” (Bulls coach Tom) Thibodeau said. “That will come as he plays more.

“It’s not only who is going to start, it’s who fits better with what group. I don’t know if Ronnie will be better with the starters or bench guys. I like the energy he brings. I like Keith’s toughness. Ronnie is more of a slasher. Keith is more of a spot-up 3-point shooter. Their strengths are different, but they’re both good players.”

Bogans is not chopped liver, he started 50 games for the Spurs last season. He can ball. But as the season wears on Brewer’s defense will get him the most minutes at the two spot. Bogans is knocking down shots now but Kyle Korver is there (he is battling injuries as well this preseason) and he has proven to be a consistent shooter at the spot. Someone hard for Bogans to stay in front of all season.

Maybe what it really means is the Bulls are deep at the guard spot.