This year the Spurs are going to run… no, Popovich means it this time. Really.


The Spurs were not the slowest team in the NBA last season — actually they were 19th, tied with the Bucks. They were faster than the Celtics, Cavaliers, Haws and the dead-last Blazers.

It just never feels like it. They feel slow, methodical.

This year is going to be different. Sure, 29 other coaches said their team is going to run more this season, but Gregg Popovich means it, as he told the San Antonio Express-News.

“We talk about it every year,” Popovich said. “This year, I’m demanding it.”

“We’ve got to figure out some ways to squeeze out a few more easy baskets,” Popovich said. “We work too hard to score.”

They are never going to be the seven-seconds-or-less Spurs, nor should they be. Popovich knows that just a few easy buckets a game can be a big boost in offense. So the Spurs are going to run…

Okay, they are one possession slower a game in the preseason than they were last season, but we’re not counting preseason. Right?

If Tony Parker is fully back this season the Spurs tempo should pick up, but check back in a couple months for the actual results. It may look a lot like the preseason.