LeBron will practice, may play Monday


Sure, there have been concerns about the Heat’s health. Wade will miss the rest of the preseason with a hamstring injury. Mike Miller’s banged up, as are Jamal Magloire and Mario Chalmers. And then LeBron James had some soreness in his hamstring, which kept him out of the game against the Hornets and practice. Talk started about if Heat were going to have injury issues, even though the issues are minor, and it’s only preseason.

Well, let’s chill out on that. Wade is projected back for the start of the season as are the other Heat players. And LeBron James has been cleared for practice and may play Monday against the Bobcats, via ESPN.com.

This is nothing breaking. Despite all the accusations stemming from his series with the Celtics, James has shown to be a pretty tough player, and he wants to get back to continue working with the Heat on both sides of the ball. Then again, there’s no reason for James to play Monday. The team has its sets down and there’s limited progress to be made without Wade. The Heat debut for real in a little over a week. Play for then.