Jason Kidd would love a little more time off, thank you very much


Jason Kidd played 36 minutes a game (80 games) at age 36 last season. He has played at least 35 minutes a game for every season since his rookie season started in 1994.

So sure, a few more minutes off here and there would be welcomed, Kidd told the Dallas Morning News.

“Oh yeah, I would love to have my minutes go down,” he said after Thursday’s practice at Moody Bible Institute. “But they haven’t. The big thing is to just be prepared. I just try to take care of my body.”

Kidd will be ready to do whatever is asked of him, to play as long as Rick Carlisle asks. And Kidd will play well — he has altered his game over the years to fit the evolution of the point guard position and his age. He used to be terrible from beyond the arc, now he is deadly (to look at the most glaring example).

But if Dallas really is going to succeed this season, they need less Kidd and more Rodrigue Beaubois (once he gets healthy, he is still out with a foot injury). Dallas needs the energy, the quickness, the change of pace. It was evident to everyone during the playoff series with the San Antonio Spurs last season. Well, obvious to everyone but Carlisle, unfortunately for the Mavs.

Kidd is physical marvel, but he is not unbreakable. This season the scaling back of Kidd’s minutes cannot be just lip service. Both for the good of Kidd and the Mavericks.