We know what you really care about… Laker Girl Ashley is doing fine


When you weren’t watching Kobe Bryant still looking a step slow and lacking elevation on his shots — he went 2-10 last night, now shooting 14.3 percent for all of preseason — you were worried about Laker Girl Ashley.

She was the one that had Sacramento’s Carl Landry fall on her as Landry and Matt Barnes battled for a rebound during Wednesday night’s game in Vegas. Watch the video (thanks to KD of Ball Don’t Lie for locating that).

Lakers broadcaster John Ireland came on later and said Ashley hit her head on the table behind her but was fine and stayed with the team. She’s a gamer. And she got more than 14.3 percent of her dance routine right the rest of the night.

So relax, Ashley is just fine and can continue on going to community college, shopping, hiking and spending time with friends and family.