Ron Artest’s YouTube recommendation of the day: wild animal fights


Ron Artest did it all for the Lakers Wednesday night: 18 points on 7 of 11 shooting, 4 of 5 from three, plus he had four rebounds. More than that, he was the steady mature voice on the court, stepping up with Kobe Bryant still hobbled. Artest was directing guys in the offense.

After the game, he was giving out YouTube recommendations to the Kamenetzky brothers at

“You go on YouTube, you ever seen the tigers fight the lions and anacondas and stuff? You’ve never seen that? Go on YouTube, Google tiger vs. anaconda, tiger vs. bear, rhino vs. elephant. It’s crazy. That’s my YouTube recommendation, definitely. The YouTube recommendation for the day. You’ve got to go see the cougar vs. anaconda. That one’s crazy… I don’t know what that means as far as a postgame interview, but cougar vs. anaconda.”

Wait until Ron finds the Discovery Channel.

So now, for your video enjoyment….