Nuggets hire former Golden State GM Pete D’Alessandro as consultant


The Nuggets have a couple of young bucks running their front office.

There is Masai Ujiri, who got hired in the general manager role this summer (even though the formal title is vice president of basketball operations, he’s still a GM). But he answers to the guy with the ultimate power, soon-to-be-owner Josh Kronke, who has worked his way up through the Nugget front office. Two young guys who are getting their first real chance at the big time.

Of course, if you listen to the whispers of other teams dealing with the Nuggets on Carmelo Anthony, there was not once clear voice out of Denver, nor one clear mind and vision. It felt like they needed some guidance.

Enter Pete D’Alessando, who was hired as a consultant by the team today, according to a tweet from Sam Amick of Fanhouse.

D’Alessandro was the general manager of the Golden State Warriors and has been in NBA front offices for years. He’s a lawyer, a guy who understands and can work the cap, and a voice of experience the Nuggets may well value. Of course, he’s also a guy who gave oversized contracts to Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy, so you may not want all his wisdom.

Of course, that’s another voice and another set of ideas in the Denver brain trust. We’ll see if a veteran voice can get them all on the same page.