Larry Brown has Allen Iverson’s back, says he deserves better end to his career


Allen Iverson’s next game may be in Turkey. Not as part of the NBA’s preseason traveling road show (go globalization!) but as a member of a Turkey League team.

Because nobody in the NBA will give him a shot.

Larry Brown, the coach who got the most out of Iverson — by setting up an offense that could play around his ball-controlling ways and could defend around him — feels bad about that, he told FanHouse.

“Nobody who has done as much as Allen has done for this league should have to be in Turkey playing, to end his career,” Brown said before the Bobcats-Magic game Thursday. “We have one of the most special players ever in our sport, who still has something left. I feel terrible about this. That is not how he should be ending his career.”

He’s right, in the theoretical sense. We all have wanted more for Iverson.

But his landing in Turkey is of his own making. He is the one who will not accept being a role player off the bench now, who disrupted the last three teams he was with because of battles over roles. No team is going to put up with that.

Including Brown’s — notice the Bobcats have not offered Iverson a deal?

Brown is not alone if feeling terrible. But this was the only way it could end.