Today in international basketball brawls, China vs. Brazil

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UPDATE 8:30 PM: The Chinese Basketball Association has issued a formal apology for their players going off and beating the crap out of the Brazilian team. (Sorry Brazil, round one goes to the Chinese.) The entire Chinese team will have to attend good sportsmanship classes. Seriously. That is the punishment. A class.

“The CBA apologizes to the Brazilian side and all other parties over the incident which created such serious consequences,” association vice chairman Li Jinsheng said in a statement.

3:42 pm: Pretty soon we’ll have some NBA “fights” where two guys will stand around and jaw, maybe bump a little, with nobody leaving the bench and no punches thrown.

International basketball, a lot more like hockey.

This fight is from a tournament in China, where Brazil came over to play. There are a couple hard fouls and then…

Warning, if you don’t like expletives, turn down the volume now, because former Hornets and Cavaliers assistant Bob Donewald lets it fly. Then the fight itself starts and will not stop, even when Brazil tries to leave the court (the fight starts around 1:15).

Brazil has pulled out of this tournament. Wisely.

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