Most likely to get traded this season? Hello TJ Ford. Gilbert Arenas? Good luck.

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The NBA chattering class has been so busy coming up with complicated ways to move Carmelo Anthony out of Denver that all the other guys who could and should be on the block this season have been ignored.

That’s where Ira Winderman has come in.

He has picked out his favorites to be moved just for us. Follow the link and see some of your favorites: TJ Ford, who Indiana is ready to send out since they finally have the point guard they want, Boris Diaw, Marcin Gortat and Monta Ellis (because he theoretically can’t play along side Stephen Curry, although you can expect the Warriors to test that theory first).

Gilbert Arenas is also on the list, but he is a different kettle of fish. Not that the Wizards would not want to move him, but he has three-years, $62 million on the books after this season. He may have a bounce-back year, but that is a lot of jack.

Guys not on the list we like here: Peja Stojakovic and Troy Murphy. They are two guys with large expiring deals. And unlike Eddy Curry they could play a little for you after the trade.