If Kevin Garnett wants to help you, you’d better listen


Sure, he can snarl and pound his chest and be all kinds of in-your-face intense. And that’s just in practice. But Kevin Garnett wants to help out the bigs that come in to Celtics camp.

You had just better listen, as Doc Rivers warned future Celtics big men (and you too, Luke Harangody), via the Boston Herald.

“He helps the ones he likes,” Celtics [team stats] coach Doc Rivers said. “Kevin’s great, and I won’t use names, but Kevin tries to help every big that comes in here. If that big doesn’t listen to him one time, then he’ll never listen to him again. Literally. And that has happened a couple of times, and it’s been good for that guy. Now those two guys he did that to are no longer here, and that may be one of the reasons.

“If you’re not going to listen to Kevin when he’s trying to help you, then you probably messed up. But that’s Kevin. You talk about the Celtic Way, then just say Kevin Garnett and you’re pretty much there, because everything he does and says is about the team. The thing about Semih [Erden, Celtics rookie] is that he didn’t think Semih was showing, his angles were bad, and it was affecting the team, and that’s what this was about.”

Rivers won’t name names about the KG’s banned list, but Herald Celtics writer Mark Murphy does, and he lists the consequences.

To Rivers’ earlier point about past teammates who didn’t listen, a post-practice session between Garnett and former C’s center Patrick O’Bryant from two years ago still comes to mind. Garnett spent the entire time dunking over the blank-faced O’Bryant and shouting, “Do you feel me?”

O’Bryant is now playing in China, for the record.

We’re feeling you Kevin. We’re feeling you.