Ron Artest just says no


On the California ballot next month is a measure that would legalize marijuana use in the state. Not just medical marijuana, we’re talking flat out legalize. Which if passed (two recent polls had it leading, with younger voters supporting it overwhelmingly, across party lines) will lead to fun legal battles with the federal government. Your tax dollars hard at work.

Ron Artest doesn’t care. He’s not touching the stuff, he told Kevin Ding of the Orange Country Register.

“Even if they legalize marijuana, I won’t be smoking marijuana…”

Later Saturday night, Artest wrote via Twitter: “are they really going to legalize marijuana? … i hope not!! … its not cool kids might think its cool.”

Artest, like a lot of players as they get older in the league, realizes that taking care of their body means cutting back on some of the excesses of youth. You know, maturing.

Artest stopped drinking last January during the season, then this summer stopped he championship celebration in July. Artest has been known as a guy who likes to drink, but it turns out he’s a guy who wants to win more.

Going sober may be good for the hoops career, but can you be a credible hip-hop star and be sober? This may doom his rap career.