Mavericks Coach Rick Carlisle back on the job


What are things doctors tell you about staying healthy? Reduce stress, eat right, get plenty of sleep.

Three things that coaches do not get. Not in the NBA, not really in any professional or college sport by and large. Long hours, irregular eating schedules that mean too much greasy food, travel and disrupted sleeping patterns are just part of the job.

All of it got to Rick Carlisle — an avid physical fitness guy who is in better shape than most coaches — and he fainted on the court Friday.

Then he was back to work later that day. He was forced to take some time off with the team traveling to California for a preseason game, but now on Monday he is back at it full force, according to Art Garcia of

Is that really different than Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio being back only a couple weeks after a heart attack? Or countless other similar stories across numerous sports.

The Mavericks were going to play it safe because of GM Donnie Walsh, as he told ESPN Radio Dallas last Friday.

“I was there the night that Hank [Gathers] went down and when stuff like that happens, you take fainting a whole lot differently. It’s something that you have to take seriously, and we did, and everything’s checked out. So we just turn the page and move on from here.”

Let’s hope for Carlisle that he and his body can just turn the page.