Are the Bulls investigating Carlos Boozer’s injury?


When Carlos Boozer was lost for two months after breaking his hand at home, the usual questions arose. How did it happen? When did it happen? Why was there a bag on your floor? What kind of bag? Did it have a floral print? You know, the essentials.

Well, after Monta Ellis’ little rodeo with a moped a few years ago and all the other ways NBA players have managed to hurt themselves with reckless behavior off-court, the Bulls are being a little snoopy, apparently. The New York Daily News reports that the Bulls are looking into whether the injury really occurred as Boozer said it did.

The report claims Boozer’s shady way of weaseling out behind the backs of the Cavaliers in 2004 has raised flags. If so, that’s pretty ridiculous. It was one bad negotiating session six years ago that had nothing to do with the Bulls. Furthermore, Boozer’s been pretty rock steady not only with how much he wants to play for this team, but about the injury, doing a press conference and answering questions about it.

It makes you wonder what exactly players need to do in this day and age. You can’t blame the Bulls for wanting to protect their investment and make sure things went down as Boozer says they did, but at some point, it’s just a home accident. These things happen. Boozer’s only alternative would be to come up with a series of illustrations that depict the exact path of his fall, complete with a video re-enactment by an actor, possibly James Johnson, since he’s not doing anything else of use for the Bulls.

This is probably not the way anyone wanted the Boozer era in Chicago to kick off.