What if LeBron threw a party and Durant didn’t come?


Parties with LeBron James seem to follow him around like remoras to a shark. They go on virtually everywhere he goes. In part because some of the people around LeBron make good money throwing these parties or letting LeBron’s name get used in promoting them.

LeBron was scheduled to be at a party Thursday night at The Midland, a theater in Kansas City, according to the Oklahoman. Kevin Durant got an invite but didn’t make it.

“I don’t go out to parties the day before a game,” Durant said. “I really don’t go out too much during the season.”

Some are going to try to say this is more of the “Durant good/LeBron bad” meme, but that’s not the truth here. For one, if James wants to go out for a night before a meaningless preseason game, that is not a big deal.

Durant and James are different people — James is more public, likes the scene more than Durant. Which is what it is. It only matters when it starts to impact work — does it bleed onto the court? The approach may be different but James on the court has not been a problem.

So James had a party in Kansas City and some people had some fun. I’m hard pressed to see the harm. Durant chose not to go. So what? Different people, different approaches. Both can work just fine.