Kevin Durant has no problem with LeBron’s decision


It was one of the themes of the summer — big bad LeBron vs. the good Kevin Durant. LeBron spurned the team that drafted him, Durant got an extension there. LeBron had an hour-long, self-serving television show to announce his decision while Durant just quietly announced it on twitter after it was done. LeBron took the summer off from Team USA, Durant led them to gold in Turkey.

Durant has consistently said he’ll have none of that. And he stuck up for LeBron again, talking to the Oklahoman, before the two teams faced on in a preseason game Friday in Kansas City.

“A lot of people really don’t get to see what kind of person he is,” Durant said of James. “He was trying to look out for himself, his family and trying to make the right decision for his family. You can’t blame a man for that, no matter what you do, (whether it’s) playing basketball or being a teacher. People with different professions leave their jobs all the time for better places. So you can’t judge him for what he did. He’s just looking out for himself.”

Hard to argue with what Durant said. Although most people’s problem was not with where LeBron chose to go and how he went about the choosing and announcing that choice — not the decision but “The Decision.”

But it’s nice that Durant and LeBron are tight, even if Durant doesn’t go to his parties.