Jeff Teague looks good, Mike Bibby looks like he could lose his starting job


Jeff Teague may have found his dog.

That means Mike Bibby job is in jeopardy.

Through the summer it was coach Larry Drew and staff, at camp it has been Joe Johnson and everyone on the roster telling Teague to be more aggressive. Maybe it has sunk in.

In the Hawks first preseason game Teague let the dog out and the result was 20 points on 8 of 13 shooting, plus he dropped six dimes.

Bibby started and had two points and one assist in 22 minutes.

One preseason game does not a season make, but this is the direction the Hawks want this to go. Need this to go. The Hawks need better play at the point to make any move this season and Teague can give it to them. Bibby cannot, unless he has a time machine that can take him back to get the 2002 Bibby.

Teague is the future. And if he keeps the dog around this preseason the future may be now.