Yao Ming’s limp not because of his foot. Well, it kinda is, but not what you think.


We made note of it as did many other outlets — Yao Ming played 12 minutes in the Rockets first preseason game then came out with a slight limp. On a guy who just missed an entire season after foot surgery, it’s a concern.

We’ll it’s not pain in his foot that’s the problem, according to the Houston Chronicle.

With Yao still working his way back after 15 months off the court and running slightly differently with the changes to his foot, he gets stiff and sometimes sore in his right hamstring and backside with strenuous workouts…

“I feel OK,” Yao said. “Maybe I set my goal too low, but it’s better than that. I think I can run well on the court. No soreness. Pain free. It was way better than I thought.”

The Rockets leave for a series of games in China next week, where Yao will be front and center — and probably wanting to play as much as his body allows. Up to 24 minutes, anyway.