David Stern takes blame for Knicks summer Isiah Thomas blunder


The Knicks mistake this summer in trying to bring back Isiah Thomas as a consultant was really two mistakes in one.

NBA Commissioner David Stern admitted he caused one of them.

You remember the incident this summer, right? The Knicks ownership — over the head of GM Donnie Walsh who almost quit over it — decided to bring back former GM Isiah Thomas as a consultant.

Within minutes of the announcement, NBA insiders and pundits were all saying the same thing: That’s a violation of NBA rules. Employees of NBA teams cannot have contact with college underclassmen.

Why did the Knicks think they could do this?

David Stern sheepishly raises his hand.

He told the New York Post and the rest of the media as much Thursday during a sit down in Paris.

“It’s fair to say I missed the issue,” Stern said. “I told them they can do it. And when it was announced, my guy said it’s not allowed. I blew that one pretty good.

“It didn’t comply with our rules and ultimately wouldn’t have complied with NCAA rules.”

Well, that accounts for the regulations blunder.

Now, as for the blunder of wanting to bring Thomas back in the first place…