See Heat vs. Knicks in 3D (without going to the game)


Thumbnail image for Lebron_Wade_Bosh2.jpgA year ago I was at a fundraiser event where Panasonic was a major sponsor, and as part of the event they set up a special tent to show off what 3D television really meant.

As part of the demonstration, they showed a couple minutes of a Beijing Olympics soccer game shot in 3D (NBC shot a lot of the games in 3D to have it in archive for the day 3D becomes the norm) and let me say….

Damn. Just wow.

Not so much with the standard above-the-action at midfield shots that track the play, but when they cut to ground level and you watched guys racing down the wing or a corner kick, it was breathtaking.

Now, 3D is coming to the NBA.

ESPN announced that the Dec. 17 game when the Knicks visit the Heat will be shown in 3D, as will 14 other NBA following that (including three Western Conference Finals games).

At this point, there probably will be more people in the buildings seeing the game in 3D than there will be at home. The technology has not penetrated far into the market yet.

But the day is coming. And it will be a leap forward for sports coverage in the same way high definition has been. This is just a first little breaker, but the waves of 3D are coming, crashing into your living room soon.

Plus, we can now all watch JAWS 3D at home, just as the artists who created that masterpiece envisioned.