Vegas has a list of odds on the first coach to get canned, and it's pretty harsh

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Like we said, a coach will get canned before the calendar flips to 2011. But who’s the unlucky guy? Turns out Vegas has its own list of candidates.

The New Jersey Star-Ledger checked in with a gambling site called and looked at the list of prospective candidates to get canned. Essentially, if this is your first year with a club? Vegas is not confident you will survive. Here’s the list, courtesy of the Star-Ledger.

  • Monty Williams 25% +300
  • Byron Scott 33% +200
  • Tom Thibodeau 17% +500
  • Larry Drew 20% +400
  • Vinny Del Negro 40% +150
  • Avery Johnson 50% +100
  • Other 90% -800

Monty Williams? Okay, sure, with CP3 possibly still on the fence about New Orleans’ future. Byron Scott? I have no argument with anything that results in something bad happening to Cleveland. Not that I want it, but you have to come to expect it, sadly, at this point. Tom Thibodeau is a weird one to pop up on this list, even as the worst odds. But given the money he was afforded, Chicago may get itchy if things go badly.

Larry Drew has too much talented, but given how much pressure is on the Hawks, with most people expecting them to fail, it’s not beyond belief.

Vinny Del Negro? Next.

Then there’s the leader, Avery Johnson. Avery is favored to lose his job by the site, despite a new ownership group and a new GM, in what is essentially another rebuilding year in which they have lots of tradeable assets. Maybe Vegas knows something about the Mad Russian we don’t.

This whole thing feels like buzzards circling a man walking through the desert.