Dirk Nowitzki wants to leave the NBA’s goaltending rule alone


NBA_nowitzki2_250.jpgWe told you the D-League will adopt the FIBA goaltending rule — once the ball touches the rim you can go up and knock it off — this season. And that it could be a precursor to an NBA rule change. And that Spurs rookie and Eurostud Tiago Splitter thinks it’s a bad idea.

Now you can count Dirk Nowitzki in the bad idea camp, according to the Dallas Morning News.

“I don’t think it could work here,” Nowitzki said. “Guys are too athletic and too long. I think somebody could spike every ball. There are so many athletes in the league.

“Plus, we want to increase scoring and make the game more fun, not take points away. In Europe, games are in the 60s. Nobody wants to see that. We want to see 110 or 120 points.”

Good points. It may not work. But as a believer in observation, I look forward to seeing it in action in the D-League before making up my mind. I know, that’s very unblogger like. I’ll turn in my card at the door.