Tim Thomas plans on playing in the NBA again… next year


Thumbnail image for tthomas.jpgThe Dallas Mavericks have waived Tim Thomas. He played just 18 games for the team last year and will not be with the team this season as he attends to a family situation that takes priority.

But he wants to be back next season, he told Zagsblog.com.

“I’m definitely planning on being back next year,” Thomas, a Paterson, N.J. native who spent one year at Villanova, said Wednesday by phone.

“The situation is that my wife [Tricia] has a few things that she has to take care of. Just the timing was bad. I don’t want people to think she’s on her deathbed or anything like that. She had some things to take care of and she just wanted me to be home [in Los Angeles] when she had to go through them.”

Thomas is a 13-year NBA veteran coming off knee surgery, but there are teams that would be interested in a floor-spreading big man who is a stable influence in the locker room. He’s going to have to prove he can still contribute, but if he can there is still a roster spot for him on a contender.