Shaun Livingston already dealing with fluid on the knee


livingston.jpgI’m rooting for Shaun Livingston to make it. I know, media are supposed to be objective yada yada yada… we root for some things. We have favorites (and no, probably not the Heat or Lakers or whoever you think in most cases). I want Livingston to make it.

But already there are setbacks. He has been held out of some training camp drills by Larry Brown because of fluid on the knees, according to a tweet from AP writer Mike Cranston.

Charlotte is a good spot for Livingston, right now D.J. Augustin is the only point guard in front of him. Livingston should get some minutes, should get a chance. Which is all you can really ask, that and for his body not to betray him again.

We’ll see, but I’m in his corner.