Jason Kidd calls "B.S." on report he tried to talk 'Melo out of New Jersey


Kidd_floater.jpgCarmelo Anthony clearly is having second thoughts about taking his talents to New Jersey. Can’t imagine why. We just listened to Springsteen’s “Born To Run” and he made it sound like such a wonderful place.

Then there was the report from Sam Amick of FanHouse that Jason Kidd warned Melo about the perils of New Jersey… except Kidd has denied that. Vehemently. From Mike Fisher at DallasBasketball.com:

 “That’s B.S.,” Kidd tells FOXSportsSouthwest.com and DallasBasketball.com. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I haven’t had any contact with ‘Melo on this situation or on anything else. I don’t even have his phone number or his email. Total (expletive).”

Well then.

It did seem a little odd, because as much as there was tension and constant trade rumors (or so it seemed) when Kidd was in Jersey, those were also the best days that franchise had ever seen. The team was good, the building was pretty much full and had it not been for the Kobe/Shaq Lakers they would have a ring. It didn’t seem a bad place to play at the time. It didn’t feel like a place that rips the bones from your back. But then again, we weren’t there.