Owners, players to sit down, talk CBA again on Wednesday


At least the two sides are meeting.

The owners and representatives of the Players Association are going to sit down again on Wednesday at talk about the collective bargaining agreement, according to Art Garcia at NBA.com. This will be the third such meeting and the second this summer.

The current CBA will expire at the end of this season (as long as the owners opt out as expected), and if no new deal is reached by July 1 there would be a lockout.

Off the record both sides are bracing for a lockout that could be lengthy and mean lost games next season.

On the record they both say they are happy to be negotiating. Still, the two sides remain very far apart (although Commissioner David Stern called it a gap, not a gulf after the last meeting).

The owners are looking for dramatic shift in the CBA, something that would have less guaranteed money on contracts and a hard (or at least harder) salary cap. The players are pretty much good with the status quo, saying that the owners claims of losing money are not true.

We’ll keep you updated on any news out of Wednesday’s meeting. And remember to really savor the games this season because it may be longer than usual before they return.