Bobcats waive Erick Dampier

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The Bobcats have spent the last few days — the last couple months, really — looking for a trade to get some value out of the Erick Dampier contract.

Dampier.jpgThe best value apparently was to get the Bobcats under the luxury tax.

The Bobcats have waived Dampier. That means his $13 million contract comes off the books. And Dampier is now a free agent.

Bobcats owner Michael Jordan said he was going to get the roster below the luxury tax threshold, and this move did that. The Bobcats are now about $5 million below that number, meaning they would get a payment not pay the tax this year.

As for Dampier, he is going to have a number of teams knocking on his door. An affordable and solid if not spectacular center is something a lot of teams could use. There has been speculation about the Miami Heat but look for a number of teams to step forward now.