Derrick Rose isn't holding his breath for Carmelo Anthony


The Bulls remade their team this summer, but every time a big name comes up that isn’t a point guard, their name pops into the trade rumors. A contending team in a big market tends to attract a lot of attention, and the situation with Carmelo Anthony is no exception. But how does the Bulls’ cornerstone, Derrick Rose, feel about the whole situation popping up on the blogs and in ink?

NBA FanHouse’s Chris Tommasson spoke with Rose in Turkey during Team USA Practice for their semifinal match against Lithuania, and Rose thinks he’s got the guys he’s going into battle with this year, and he’s fine with that.

“Right now, I think that we have our team (in order for the season),” Rose said. “If it was something like (a trade for Anthony), I would have heard it (was close) or somebody would have called me. Nobody has called me yet.”

It’s fine for Rose to like the team he has. It’s a good one, maybe even a great one. But I do have one quibble. Most major trades that have gone down over the years have gone down without the players’ on those team’s knowledge, even their cornerstones. The tip top guys are likely involved in those discussions, but with Rose overseas, if the Bulls saw an opportunity, they wouldn’t be clearing it with Rose before they pulled the trigger.

Rose is a star. He’s not that kind of star. Not yet.