Allen Iverson may be headed to China


This is how the legend ends. Not with a bang, but with a contract in freaking China, playing against Stephon Marbury.

Allen Iverson, former MVP, former Finals competitor, former NBA All-Star, may be headed to China, according to Hoops Market.

There’s been no word from Iverson about whether he’s accept playing in China, but his NBA prospects certainly have come up short. There’s been no word of any team interested in Iverson for months. He’s dropped off the radar nearly everywhere, to the point you have to wonder if there’s something more going on here. Besides, you know, the age, ego, and the fact that he abandoned one team last season (the Grizzlies) and had to leave another for a personal family issue with his daughter (which was understandable, but complicated by a party promotion that came out during the same time featuring him).

Not that there’s anything wrong with the CBA, but it’s just such a step down from the NBA. But Iverson’s skillset simply doesn’t lend itself to contributing as he gets older. Unless a team finds themselves in a real spot, this may be Iverson’s only option to play basketball professionally this season. And that’s just depressing.