Swastika painted on Omri Casspi poster in Sacramento


Here’s the AP Report on the incident:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Police are investigating a possible hate crime after a swastika was painted on a mural depicting a Jewish player for the Sacramento Kings.
Police say they received a report of the backward swastika painted on a mural of Omri Casspi, the only NBA player born in Israel, in the midtown area about noon Wednesday.
The incident comes just hours before the start of Rosh Hashanah, the observance of the Jewish new year.

Sometimes there just aren’t words. This was obviously a despicable action, and hopefully whoever vandalized Casspi’s poster will be caught and forced to explain their actions. Freedom of  speech does not mean freedom from consequences; here’s hoping somebody learns that soon, whether the consequences end up being of the legal nature or simply having people know he, she, or they did this for the rest of their lives.