Adonal Foyle gets front office job with Magic


Foyle.jpgAdonal Foyle was about as beloved as an NBA journeyman can be. Because he was a lot more than that.

Foyle was active in philanthropy, part of the players union and just a renaissance man in the world of basketball. Media, fans, teammates, everybody loved him. When he retired last month people hated to see him go, they wondered what was next for him.

How about director of player development for the Orlando Magic? That became official today with word from the Magic.

It means he will be a go between for players and management, plus he will work on, well, player development. Which in his case will mean more than just developing a good spin move to the left. Which seems kind of perfect for him.

Everyone is just happy to hear that Foyle will still be around the league. It wouldn’t have been the same without him.